Monday, July 30, 2012

Thrift Report: Secret Store & Hoosier Finds

I feel awful about this, but I have a secret thrift store in town. It's relatively undiscovered and I love the things I find there. I try to be really helpful when it comes to thrifting and blogging and all that... but a girl has to have at least ONE secret, right? :)

So, at this store, I usually only find one thing at a time, but I stopped by last week and found several great things!


Ooh I love clocks like this. I have one in my booth currently but it never hurts to make sure I have another waiting in the wings! And I can't pass up fun, geometric scarves in great colors! I found two packs of crewel kits - yes, that IS a hedgehog pincushion!! And then I found a Kentucky puzzle that is made by the same people that made our Nashville puzzle!

I'm pretty sure I've had my eye on the below dress for months and finally snagged it! (Beth Mathews, I think it's calling your name!)

striped dress

The weekend before last, Andy & I drove up to Nashville, Indiana (Did you know that existed?) to spend the weekend with some of my best friends from college. The town is really cute and the house we rented was within walking distance of all the shops and restaurants. We had so much fun browsing and shopping and just spending time together!

Nashville, IN is known for antiques and artisan stores but not many of them were really floating our boat. We were walking around Antique Alley when Andy spied a record/vintage shop. It was so great! I found a few awesome things and Andy bought thirty 45s! They were 3 for $1 and it was the perfect opportunity to stock up for our jukebox.

I asked the shopowner if she had Kenny and Dolly's Christmas album and she did. For $2! It is my absolute favorite Christmas album ever and I have one that I got at Goodwill but it's really scratched up and didn't come in the jacket. I am slightly tempted to break out my new copy and play it even though it's July! :)

I also found (non-vintage) Dick Van Dyke Show and Mad Men books. They are both really fun to look through! The Dick Van Dyke show is one of my favorites!

The Mad Men book has beautiful vintage-inspired graphics. The pages are filled with recipes, etiquette guides, and everything you need to know about living within the world of Mad Men.

We also ventured outside of town to check out some of the local flea markets. They were pretty much a bust and we almost didn't stop at the last one, but I'm so glad we did! I found the below owl vase and kitchen clock! Both totally my style and such great deals. I am hanging on to the owl and considering keeping the clock for our kitchen... We'll see!

I also found the most adorable fawn s&p shakers but somehow didn't take a photo before I put them in my booth, unfortunately.

There ya have it! Some recent finds! What have you found lately? :)

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  1. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tons of goodies! Love the haul!

  2. I love the clock and the owl!

  3. Jamie,
    I have the same kitchen clock in green and I love the records! My first real full-time job was in Shreveport , Louisiana at Stan's Record Shop in the warehouse filling jukebox orders and record shop orders all over the South! That was in 1967 and SO much has changed since then, but I still have MY '45's! I really enjoy your blog and wonder what kind of camera do you use? I'm just using my iphone but I feel a need to upgrade!

  4. Thanks y'all!

    Crystal - that is so cool that you worked in a record shop in the 60s! I'm glad you've hung on to your 45s! :) It was so interesting -- Andy found a lot more rock & soul 45s since we were "north" - down here in the south, he typically only finds country 45s! I never really thought about the demographic preferences for music and how that would affect the kind of vintage records you find!

    I am fortunate to have access to a Canon T2I and then I edit photos in Photoshop and use a plugin called Radlab. Hope that helps! :)

  5. Keep the kitchen clock! it's tooo cute! :)
    love how you do your pics, the arrow pointing to the dress=genius!
    funny that the puzzle is a match to andy's nashville roots, while the KY is a nod to your roots!

  6. You landed some goodies there Jamie!! My Mama had an owl cookie jar shaped just like that one...except the other portion of the eyes were a light brown and the inner part was a pale yellow. Loved that cookie jar....I haven't a clue whatever happened to it.

  7. You have great taste! That is my absolute favourite Christmas album ever. The flow is just perfect. I have been listening to it since I was a tiny, tiny kid. I've got 2 copies. Never want to be without one.

  8. You've got some incredible finds there.
    Just found your blog and it's so adorable!


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