Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrift Report: Ann Arbor Finds

This is what I found in Ann Arbor! I actually had to find a bathroom scale the last thrift store we went to in order to weigh the items to make sure they wouldn't send our suitcase over 50 pounds and unfortunately, after we shopped a bit on Saturday, our suitcase DID go over. I pulled a couple things out and carried them on. Oh, the life of a traveling thrifter! :)


I found this game, Malice, at a little shop called Such A Find. It looks like a pretty fun game! I think you rate yourself on the qualities on the card while the other players also rate you and they get points for matching your rating.


I don't know if this is rare or not, but I have never seen a vintage House Beautiful before. It's from 1955! It's a little musty but I'm hoping the smell will air out.

I found more magazines, too. The below magazines were only 50 cents! I am used to seeing them for at least $2 at estate sales.

pto items

The horse scrapbook has never been used! It is probably going to my booth next week. I bought the belt hardware in the amazing craft section of PTO and hope to make my own belt soon! And I can never resist getting things that represent vintage Nashville/old school country. I picked up this songbook of "Country Songs and Stars."

If we had more time and suitcase space, I would have loved to have shopped more! But I am really happy with my finds - can't wait to page through the magazines!

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  1. I bet that old House Beautiful has some great photos inside!!!

  2. great stuff! I had to laugh about you finding a scale to weigh the stuff. You already knew how much your suitcase weighed on your first flight? funny jamie!

  3. You found some killer stuff! I especially love that beautiful horse scrapbook and the country and western book - fabulous! Gonna have to stop by your booth and see what's new!

  4. hey hey, how much to you want for that scrapbook! i might take it off your hands...


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