Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blog Crush: Elise of enJOY it

Not to sound like a blog stalker, but I wanted to introduce you to a new blog crush of mine!

I'm not sure how to put this, but there are a lot of blogs in the world and there are many bloggers whose lives seem so perfect that they can make you feel badly about yourself. (Sidenote: if someone makes you feel that way, unsubscribe! Don't put yourself through that!)

Elise Blaha is not one of those bloggers, though! I found her blog last month and have been super impressed with her outlook on life and her unique content. She is so crafty and I am so inspired by all her projects.

She writes in a very down to earth manner and is honest about struggles and life. She doesn't try to make her life seem like a magical, perfectly stylized fairytale but you can tell she genuinely wants to enjoy life among beauty and things that make her happy.

Also, I aspire to have as many plants as she does. :) She has the upper-hand though, living in Southern California with great weather and tons of light filtering into her house!

Check out her blog and dig around and find a new project to tackle!

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  1. awesome, i'll add her to my reader! i love blogs that don't make me feel like a total failure at life! hah!

  2. I really love the term "blog crush" ...I have many "blog crushes" so I think I am a bit of a "blog slut"


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