Monday, July 16, 2012

Thrift Report: Bags & Crewel (of course!)

I found a few things last week on an impulsive thrifting stop. :) I actually found a lot of random things for myself like a belt, some paper for my scrap stash, ribbon, etc. I love finding crafty things at the thrift store!

Below are items that are going into my booth - except I am not sure I can part with the kite crewel-work! If we ever raise a kid, I kinda want to do a kite/Mary Poppins-themed nursery so I might hold onto it just in case.


Messy photo of 2 fun shoulder bags... I love buying and selling these! They are just such a great size for overnight trips or for airplane carry-ons! I also love buying vintage books on manners and charm! I like watching old game shows and remember Arlene Francis as a panelist on many of them. Couldn't pass up this book about "The Magic of Charm" by her! And what a fun sewing-inspired embroidery piece! 

And the kite kid is ADORABLE!!! Love him. 

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  1. I love the Arlene Francis book! Finding fifties' (or, be still my heart, earlier) hardbacks with the original paper covers intact is one of my favorite thrift store "bingos" to mark off my must-haves list. Good work, gal!

  2. fun finds! great bags...can't go wrong with blue.
    that kite kiddo is funny!
    thrifting is fun!


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