Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Customers!

You know I love happy customers! I was updating my booth last week and had just brought the fancy globe in. A girl came back to my booth and said she heard from Caroline at the front counter that I had a globe. I showed it to her and she loved it as much as I did!

She scooped it up then her friend joined her in the booth and bought one of my suitcases!


I found out that the globe-buyer lives in Brooklyn and I am so excited that my globe is going to have a fashionable new life in New York!

Gabrielle sent me a photo of her new suitcase, which joined her suitcase collection:


I'm hoping to get a photo of the globe once she heads back home! I didn't catch her name but hopefully when the email comes through, I'll know. :)

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  1. Now this has got to be the coolest part of doing what you do.......seeing your goodies in their new homes :) I love her suitcase display!!!

  2. It is fun to see items I lovingly pick out go to new homes and see what those new owners do with them! I love being able to help people decorate and give them a good story: "Can you believe this was only $22 at the TN Antique Mall??" etc. :)

  3. that i so awesome! someone who reads my blog bought a brooch in my case to put on her nieces bouquet! she said she is going to send me a picture and i can't wait!

  4. That is a great vintage suitcase collection! How fun to see where your treasures are going :-)

  5. Hi! An overdue globe picture in my Brooklyn home is headed your way soon! We love your booth!


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