Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Items In Booth - September 2012 Edition

I have some news... I start a new job on Monday! It's really bittersweet, since I've spent the last 7 years at my current job. I loved it and it feels like a part of my identity, but there have been some some challenges recently that helped me decide that it was time to begin a new chapter. I will be working for a really great company and my job will largely be focused on working on websites for faith-based children's programming and brands. It's going to be so different but I'm really excited!

All that to say, I had taken a LOT of vintage items to my office. We recorded artist interviews in our office and the set was decorated in a vintage style (of course!). I packed up all the various items I had brought in and took them up to my booth since I didn't have room at my house for them!

new items from office

Everything in this photo went up to my booth except for the green lamp on the right. It was given to me by a family member and I'm holding onto it. It looked really great on our set, though! Now I need to find a new home for it in our house!

new items from office3

I love this globe. A few years ago, my friend Andra invited me and our friend Emily to go with her to her best friend's house to shop. He was seriously downsizing, his family had lived in the house for decades, and he allowed us to shop around and buy basically anything we wanted. It was a treasure trove of vintage and we both found some really great items!

This globe was a great find and it lived on the set and was featured in many of our videos, but Andy and I just don't have anywhere to put it in our tiny little house. I reluctantly took it up to my booth - but I feel confident it has found a great new home. (More on that later!)

new items from office2

More estate sale and thrift shop finds - but the cute red toy car on top of the stack was a donation to my booth from a generous publicist friend. He has hooked me up with several things and it's so nice of him!

If you see anything you like, be sure to visit the Tennessee Antique Mall in Nashville and ask for Booth 85!

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  1. You had the coolest office ever!!!!!!!! Now to make some bucks from those items! Congrats on the new beginning!

  2. Ahh!!! I want that globe!! If its new home falls through please let me know!!!!!! :)

  3. congrats on your new job! sometimes a change leads us to even greater opportunities that we didn't even know were out there. horray!
    and that globe is pretty amazing.

  4. Thanks everyone! The globe *does* have a new home, I'm sorry to report! More details tomorrow!

  5. My daughter and I hope to visit your antique mall in a few weeks!

  6. I love the stool. My granny had the same one by her phone at her old farmhouse.


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