Monday, September 10, 2012

I really didn't mean to take 2 weeks off...

Woops! I didn't mean to take 2 weeks off. I can't believe 2 weeks have flown by, actually.

We had a challenging later half of the summer which is leading into a challenging fall. Change is in the air and I am prayerful and hopeful. Because my mind has been preoccupied, it has been hard to focus on writing and coming up with new posts.

Also, I haven't thrifted since coming back from CA, so there hasn't been anything to report on that front. But, I will get back into that routine (my booth depends upon it!) and back into the routine of blogging. Aaaaand, the weather is cooling off so I am hopeful for some good estate sales!

I will hopefully have some fun things coming up - I want to finally share some images of my Smash Book and some small sewing projects I have been working on. I also still need to write about California, but I hope to do a Project Life style book for that trip and share that.

If you are super curious about our trip, my mom did a great job of showing our trip in these posts: part 1 / part 2.

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  1. Really hopeful that the fall will be smooth sailing for you.
    I've missed your posts, but totally understand that life happens.

  2. We've got to meet up soon! Miss you SO much! And I think your mom is right. Life happens, and you're far too talented and fabulous not to have some serious amazingness waiting for you around the corner.


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