Monday, October 1, 2012

Things I Didn't Buy...

Yesterday, we met my parents in Bowling Green for lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday. No family get-together is complete without a little bit of thrifting or antique-mall-browswing!

We love the antique mall at Flealand- I almost always find something great there! I bought a few awesome things that I still need to photograph, but here are some cell phone photos of things I didn't buy, but liked!

Top row:

Incredible doe/fawn nightlight! I loved it (even though they're yellow and look slightly giraffe-like) but at $18, I thought it was a little steep... especially since I wanted to keep it (not re-sell it) and I am already holding onto a really cute owl night light for a future kid.

The pink napkin holder was sooo cute.

things i didnt buy

Bottom row:

I thought it was so fun that someone was selling a small stack of TV Guides from 1962! We flipped through to see if any of our favorite celebrities were on any of the covers, but they weren't, sadly. I would have flipped out if there had been a Dick Van Dyke issue!

The pink napkin holder came from the booth in the photo below it. Everything was organized by color, which I love. I felt like the quality of the booths has really improved over the past few years! There were so many items I loved.

I will hopefully be able to show photos soon of what I did buy!

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  1. FUN! Can't wait to see your purchases!

  2. Love that nightlight! And I totally want that Stanley Moth Proofer.

  3. so happy I got to go thrifting with you! My favorite thing to do with my favorite person in the world! :)

  4. We saw your booth yesterday - good stuff at good prices! If we were in a house now, I'd SERIOUSLY consider those apple canisters. So cute!

  5. I can't believe that deer light, but like you said, $18 is a little high. And your owl lamp is SO. CUTE.


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