Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smoky Mountains 2012

Just a note first --- I'm still getting used to my new schedule - I was actually only working part time for a few months before I got my new job and I got really used to only working in the mornings then having the afternoons for creative endeavors like thrifting, taking photos, blogging, smashbooking, cleaning my house... :)

It's been harder to keep our house clean and blog and thrift and all that other stuff now that I work in a farther away suburb. I don't have time to run home over lunch to see Lucy and there aren't any thrift stores near my office... at all. The good thing is that I love my new job, so that makes up for it. I just need to get back into the routine and find alternative times to thrift - more on that soon!

I last posted about things I didn't buy in Bowling Green and I still want to show what I did buy - I just haven't been home during daylight very much lately! I had to buy a new camera last week and then we immediately went to Gatlinburg with Andy's family for our annual trip. (See last year's trip here! Haha - we're basically both wearing the same thing both years! Woops!)

It was our nephew's first trip to Gatlinburg - it will be so fun to come back next year when he's older and can run around! :)


Don't worry, there were plenty of adults standing right next to him that I cropped out of the Smoky Mountains sign photo! There's a photo of Ollie's dad that's just like this from the 70s, so we stopped to re-create it.

jandy creek


The Chimney picnic area is just so beautiful. We picnic, play cards, and hang out for an afternoon - it's great! We also shop, hang out at the cabin, and explore Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge every year. This year, Andy and I went to Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge and it was pretty fun! Next year, we'll either check out Castle of Chaos or MagiQuest. Don't you just love tourist traps and all the weird things you can find there??? :)

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  1. Great pictures! Love the Smokey Mountains. We just went to Acadia National Park (our favorite get-away), and I just love shopping at the local thrift store up there for my souvenirs, haha.

  2. Great pictures! You've always loved Gatlinburg, ever since you were very small. :)

    I can't remember the last time I was there...gosh, maybe when you were in high school? whoa!
    ollie is sooo cute! love the picture of you and andy.

  3. I looooove Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg! Fuuuun!

  4. we looooooved magiquest! but make sure you go when it isn't busy! it probably won't be because we went in fall and it was dead. and awesome. the mirror maze!!!!


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