Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmastime Is Here! (In my booth!)

I spent 3 hours on Saturday stocking the booth for Christmas. It was a huge undertaking!


I re-did the entire left wall with Christmas items! Last year, I didn't have much Christmas so I made sure to buy throughout the entire year so I would be well-stocked this season.


I added some thrifted garland to the front of the shelves. It felt a little overwhelming, but a few people said they liked it, so I'm going with it. :)


I have no idea how Christmas will sell, but I hope that it does well! I'd hate to pack it all back up and hold onto it for another year.






I didn't see Christmas in anyone else's booth yet... I hope I didn't jump the gun!

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  1. I have been to TWO Christmas Open House events.......both starting on Nov. 1st. And two more biggies are this coming weekend!

    The early bird gets the worm! ;)

  2. My heart be still! Your booth looks AMAZING. I have to do the same for my booths, and yours has left me very inspired to get cracking on it tomorrow! I'm already getting lots of Christmas questions and sales, NOW is the time to get it done!

    Gotta share your awesome Christmas booth photos on twitter today ;)

  3. Looks lovely!! We will have to come check it out soon! :)

  4. It looks soooo good! You did a great job getting the booth Christmas-ed up and no, not too early to holiday up the booth. I'm already looking for those Christmas goodies and get really excited to see booths full of Christmas joy.

  5. it looks great! i'm going to hopefully take my christmas stuff tomorrow!

  6. Just to let you know that the White Ceramic Christmas trees with Blue lights sell like hotcakes on Ebay. A 24" sold for $69.99, and 18" is selling for 46.00 (and still has 4 days left) and a 13" sold for 41.00. Yours is very pretty. All vintage Christmas does really well on Ebay.

  7. your booth looks great jamie! Are those the same birds that you're getting from Granny?
    I hope it all sells!

  8. You have a nice mix, there. Looks good.

  9. ((while happily humming It's be-e-e-e-eginning to look a lot like Christmas)) So cute! You did a great job!

  10. No, you didn't jump the gun at all...I got my stuff out at my booth on Monday and there is quite a bit of Christmas coming out at GasLampToo.


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