Monday, November 5, 2012

Scenes From Last Week

I got pretty behind on importing photos but I wanted to be sure to share these, so they're a tad late. :)

I realized I forgot to post what my little lady jack-o-lantern looked like lit up!


Did I ever mention here that I bought cast iron at an estate sale? I put it on instagram but shared that I was a little nervous about it. It just seems like there are so many rules! I washed it down with apple cider vinegar and coarse salt to try to wipe it clean before seasoning it myself. Since it was secondhand, I wanted to clean it a bit before using it. I seasoned it with Crisco then put it in the oven at 500 degrees for an hour (turned upside down with foil underneath to catch the drippings) and then I cooked a few strips of bacon and used the grease for corn bread!

It turned out well and everyone gobbled it up at our chili/pumpkin/football get together last weekend!


I feel like a true southern lady now that I have cast iron. :)

With the cold weather recently, we could tell that Lucy was getting a little chilly. Soooo, she got a sweater! I love to put it on her and she's actually really good about wearing it! Here she was last weekend:


We went to celebrate Ollie's first Halloween and he was decked out in his skeleton onesie with a cute "first Halloween" bib.


So cute!! Such a happy baby! Andy made him giggle SO hard - I had no idea 3-4 month olds could laugh like that!!


It was a pretty fantastic October!! This week, I'll show you Christmas in my booth! I KNOW, I KNOW. Everyone is putting Christmas out so early and I'm one of them... but I didn't have any other weekend, really! Stay tuned. :)

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  1. For the stuff to sell, we HAVE to be early birds!!!

    Love the recap! Lucy cracks me up.

  2. Can't wait for the Christmas display pics - I need some inspiration :-) Love the cast iron story. I use mine all the time here in Maine, and hardly ever when I lived down South, lol.

  3. fabulous pictures!! jack-o-lanterns, dogs, and babies... I mean, c'mon!! You pulled out the big guns in this post! Lucy is adorable, and Ollie--oh my! He's perfectly precious!
    You have me wondering what I did with all my cast iron skillets from oh so long ago....

  4. Cast iron~you are a real southern lady!
    That's one cute baby. :)

  5. What a little cutie Ollie is!! I love those faces :) Cast Iron is the ONLY way to cook!!! I'm a southern girl myself, I think it's an unwritten rule down here that you must have at least one cast iron skillet!!


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