Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recent Finds (Thanksgiving Edition)

I hadn't had a chance to post about my Thanksgiving finds yet! I'm sooo behind.

Just a few things to add to my booth...

thanksgiving finds

I really like ceramic horse figurines right now! Horses and fawns, those are my go-to's right now. And of course, it's hard to pass by a paint-by-number! Love this little cardinal (is that what it is? I'm so bad with birds).

This mosaic clock caught my eye - it has a little stand so it can sit up or be hung. The colors are really beachy, which I don't typically like, but the shape makes it look more retro-cool than beach house. And finally, a ceramic Christmas boot. I can't stay away from handmade vintage Christmas ceramics!!

Just a few things - nothing TOO exciting, but it's always good to add new things to the booth!

And a note on the booth - it was so jam-packed that every time I visited, I swore that nothing had sold. In fact, I did sell merchandise last month and even made a tiny bit. I thought for sure I would owe! I was very thankful to receive my check!

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  1. Yahoo for a check! I hope Dec. is just as good!

  2. yep, a check is always good! :)

    the clock is really cute

  3. Super cute horse. I have been stacking my booth with horsey stuff too, partly because I like them :-)

  4. I love the bird! I wonder if they still make classic paint by numbers that look like this today (they still make velvet paintings you can marker-in but they're all Bratz or Spongebob themed instead of wizards or dragons or something appropriately 70's). I want to make one!

  5. My family had that clock hanging over our fridge for my entire growing-up years!


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