Monday, December 10, 2012

A Few New Heirlooms

I'm not sure if "heirloom" is the right word, but these are things I was recently given that were in my family.

The birds were in my granny's house but she downsized recently and I got the birds and Andy got 45s. She knows us so well! :)

I actually bought a bird like these off etsy years ago and then found 2 more that are in my booth. These are so special since they hung in her house! I love them!

The key holder might be hard to see - I was taking photos in terrible lighting! It's a little wooden paddle with 3 hooks and was handpainted by my mammaw. 


So excited to find a home for these - if not now, then in our next house. Our goal is to list our house in the spring and hopefully find a new house in the same neighborhood but with more room. Very exciting!

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  1. i love getting things that belonged to my family. my aunt gave me a christmas brooch yesterday that belonged to my great grandma, who i am named after! those kinds of things are so special.

  2. Those birds are so beautiful! And I love that they get to stay in your family. My grandma had a key paddle like that with a different design! They musta been popular. So neat!


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