Friday, February 8, 2013

Last Week Finds

I made sure to visit Family Tree's pop-up shop twice last week to scope everything out. I picked up great things both Thursday and Saturday!

I also went to another estate sale and it was a disaster. It makes me so sad to see the items thrown around and not taken care of. It feels very disrespectful to whoever's house it is - whether they're living or not.

Anyway, on to the finds:


I always pick up anything Opryland! Andy has suuuch great memories of spending every summer at Opryland (our now-torn-down amusement park) and I thought this little elephant was so adorable.

I also love these little fold up printed notes - I found some owl notes like this last year!

"Life with Women & how to survive it" sounded really funny.. had to get it!

And an autumny table cover.


These vintage invitations are so cute! Perfect for spring baby and wedding showers!

This ceramic pup was one of the 3 things I picked up at the disaster of a sale.

Hallmark coasters in the package! Really cute!

An owl... candle holder, I think? The little barrel next to the owl looks like it might fit a taper candle.


The two dancer paintings were my other finds from the disaster sale. I think they are paint by numbers, but they're a little messy - probably what a paint by numbers would look like if *I* did it. :)

I found 8 brass owl napkin rings. They're really fun!

This gold pillow was calling my name! So was this Betty Crocker entertaining book.


Always gotta buy ahead for Christmas - really liked this Christmas card list with lines to write who you sent AND received cards from. Also found a book that tells the stories of Christmas carols and a box of notecards featuring Nashville landmarks and recipes. Fun!

Going to gross sales makes me so thankful for Family Tree and how well they run theirs! Melissa, Sue, and Earl work really hard to make sure their shoppers have a pleasant experience and their prices are always extremely fair. I am thankful for them!
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  1. You did really well!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you put toothpicks next to little owl, too????

  2. toothpicks! you're good! i bet that's what the space is for!!!

  3. I don't know if you'd be interested, but I have a whole collection of carnival type prize stuffed animals from Opryland. I believe they are from the 70s. I rescued them from the goodwill outlet and you can have them if you want. I know I am pretty specific about my collections so I don't know if they would fit in in yours but I thought they were worth rescuing from a historical perspective. :)

  4. Wow! Great finds! We don't have many sales in Michigan in the winter. Maybe I should move.

  5. Wow! what an awesome haul. I especially love the napkin rings.

  6. Great finds! I especially love the little elephant. I can't believe that I never went to Opryland. Where was the disaster sale? Tell me more!

  7. That pillow is very pretty.

    Because of you I purchased my first two paint by numbers today.


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