Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Estate Finds

Throughout most of the fall and winter, I took a pretty major break from estate sales...but I'm back in full force! I've gone 4 weekends in a row now, which is great! Here's what I found over the weekend...


I found these 2 great handmade ceramic pieces - a cute little fawn and a beeee-yoo-tiful owl cookie jar. It looks sorta like a McCoy but it has the crafter's name etched in the bottom. And it's gorgeous!


I also found this great blue typewriter - it was still there on the third day of the sale, can you believe that?

I rarely pass up these mini-scales but while they're normally kitchen scales, this one is a postage scale. Aaaand, I already have this green stapler in my booth but I love vintage office supplies! Especially miniature ones!

And the cute little guy in the back is a Fisher Price Jolly Jumping Jack. You pull the string and his arms and legs raise while he squeals. Adorable!

Everything is currently in the booth minus the scale and stapler...since I already have similar items up there!

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  1. That owl is perfect!!!!!!!!! And I can't pass up office supplies either! Hard to find around here though!

  2. Awesome finds! Love the typewriter. And the Jumping Jack - how adorable!

  3. The cookie jar is a treasure; I love the detailed texture.

  4. !!!!You got the owl cookie jar! I saw him on the first day but the price was like, $25. I totally thought of you--there was an owl lamp, too, but I think someone picked it up that day. I was tempted by that pull toy, but the price, again, stopped me. So glad you got them!

    1. I was glad I went on the third day! You guys were right - those prices were CRAZY!

  5. that typewriter is lovely!love the color.


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