Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our "New" House!


Check our our "new" house!

We had hail damage and were approved by our insurance to replace our roof, siding, and gutters. While we were getting all that work done, we hired some painters to paint our foundation, shutters, stepping stones, and even the humongous front of our garage.

It's embarrassing to post such horrible before shots of our house! It's a cute little house, just old. :) Oh and we haven't done any landscaping yet - we'll start that when it gets a bit warmer!

I am apparently REALLY bad at taking before and afters - they're all at different angles - but hopefully they make some sort of sense! :)


You can click to see the images larger. In the top of each, we have the front of the house.

Below, you can see the new siding, painted shutters, porch, foundation, and stepping stones. Ooh, also, they replaced our porch lights. Our porch lights hadn't worked in YEARS but now they do!

In the bottom row, on the left, you can see the side door (from very different angles, sorry!). The porch paint was in realllly bad shape. They still need to put our new awning on - hopefully soon!

The middle image is our back door, which got a new "wrap." They made it look so much better!

And the image on the right is the front of the house and you can see the painted shutters, and shiney new siding.


It is so nice to come home to a "new" house! It looks so similar, but everything just looks cleaner and more streamlined!

Aaaand, here's a photo of Lucy wondering what the heck I was doing.



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  1. It looks lovely! Congrats on you "new" house!

  2. LOVE it!!!!!!! It looks so good!!!!!!!!! You might not wanna move now! ;)

  3. It looks incredible! Don't you just love pulling into the driveway at the end of every day now?

  4. It looks incredible! Don't you just love pulling into the driveway at the end of every day now?

  5. woohoo !! it looks fabulous... even that back door with the new wrap--huge difference!
    lucy? adorable!

  6. Looks great--what a cute house! Go Woodbine!

  7. I love your "new" house Jamie. It looks so fresh and welcoming. Isn't it funny how far a little paint goes and yet make such a difference?

  8. It looks really good! And Lucy is too cute. :)


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