Friday, February 22, 2013

Two Great Shopportunities Including Owl Really at the Flea Market!

"Shopportunities"--see what I did there??

Through a fun twist of events, I have the opportunity to set up at the Nashville Flea Market on Sunday! (Just Sunday! You won't find me there today or Saturday... just Sunday!)

I'll be set up in the Agriculture Building and selling some of my most recent finds! I will also have majorly discounted baby/children's clothes--every item will be just $5! Including this horse cardigan that shockingly has never sold.

horse cardigan

Don't you want to just squash it up against your face and smell a sweet baby smell emanating from it??? No?? OK, moving on...

But yes, please come see me at the flea market. I am so excited to dip my toe in to the Nashville Flea Market scene and see what happens. Plus, I love meeting people and talking about great vintage pieces!

Also, while you're out and about today and tomorrow, be sure to swing by Family Tree Estate Sale's shop on Nolensville Road for a vintage clothing and accessories sale! My friends Lisa and Eartha both consigned great items with Family Tree so be sure to check it out!

And don't forget to enter the PaintStick EZ Twist giveaway!

If you're new to Owl Really, welcome! Please check out my favorite posts and consider subscribing! :)


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Good luck at the flea market. If someone doesn't buy that horse sweater this time, I'm going to buy it and just hoard it away like some crazy woman.

  2. That horse sweater makes me wish my kids weren't 15 and 17! I'd have had them in it in an instant if they were still babies.

    1. You could always hoard it for future grandchildren way down the road! :)

  3. If Kenny ever agrees to a road trip, I'm coming to find you! ;)

    1. Yes, please!

      I would love to come to Springfield, too! It's like a vintage goldmine!

  4. The Mister and I were considering swinging back by the flea on Sunday and if we do, we will be sure to stop in and say hello! What a fun opportunity to try the flea, and good luck!


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