Friday, February 1, 2013

Saturday Finds Part 1

Happy February!

On Saturday, I had a very successful day of shopping estate sales. Wooo wee, it took awhile to take photos and edit them! Here's Part 1 of my finds!


Have you seen old rotary phones selling for a ton? Me too! I probably won't price this crazy high, but I will start at $25 and see what happens. There's a guy at the flea market who sells them for about that. Seems strange to me, but I am going to try and see!

I love love love old pencil sharpeners and try to scoop them up whenever I find them, which isn't often. So glad to find this one!

I found this exact same cooky-pastry press over the summer and it sold almost immediately in my booth. Happy to find another!

This ceramic horse bookend is SO cool! Love it!

I almost always buy (and sell quickly) these cute little scales.


Gosh, I love crewel. I've never found an unopened kit in such good condition! The box is a little smashed, as you can see, but it's still the best condition I've personally found one in.

Love these danish-looking salt and pepper shakers!

I have a very similar cake platter in my booth right now and it attracts a lot of attention. It hasn't sold yet, but very frequently when I'm in my booth working on things, people will step in to take a closer look at it. I might lower the price a little bit so it will sell and then I can replace it with this one.

I have no idea how to play bridge but I couldn't pass up this owl bridge scorepad! It will be going to the booth!


Travel bar sets! Two of them! There are various items missing from them - don't you think? Or is the empty space for your liquor bottles? Think I can sell them as-is or do I need to find some replacement pieces? Man, I really hope someone buys these and has an AWESOME picnic this spring. :)


I am inexplicably drawn to flash cards and I was THRILLED to find this enormous box of very organized flashcards. There were a ton of reading/vocab flashcards and then also an envelope of flashcards with illustrations on them. LOVE THEM. Still trying to figure out how to sell them! I could get more bang for my buck if I sell them individually, but I'm not totally certain how to best do that. Any thoughts?


I love buying craft supplies at estate sales - they're so well-priced and there can be really rare, interesting items!

I've always liked these opaque plastic sewing boxes but have never bought one... until now! I packed it full of some fun supplies like an embossing pen and glitter, bobbins (you can never have enough!), and this crazy "graining tool." It looks fun!

This is only roughly half of what I found! Part 2 coming up next! :)

If you're heading out shopping this weekend, good luck! Hope you find lots of treasures!!

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  1. I'm jealous of your finds! A good estate sale in the middle of winter is almost unheard of around here. So in your opinion, how long is "too long" for an item to sit in your booth before you mark it down?

  2. Wow - what a great hauu! Those travel bars are great. I have sold two, one online and one in my booth (which sold the same day I put it in for $30). They don't seem to be missing anything - the open spaces are for the bottles you bring.

  3. Thanks guys! Melissa, I don't really have a set time I wait to mark things down. Some things I mark down, some things I just wait on. I have 2 big percolators that I thought someone would like and had them priced at $20 but just marked them down to $5 because I want them GONE - I don't want to pack them up this spring because both of them would take up almost a whole storage tub! I just follow my gut on a lot of this, which probably isn't the best - I should probably have systems in place and keep better track of everything and research EVERYTHING before pricing, but I just follow my intuition instead. Probably not the best business practice. :)

    Ooh, MM, thanks for letting me know you sold one for $30! And that they're complete! Looks like they haven't been used, too - and one has an ice buket! So cute! Love them!

  4. As Mad Maine said, the traveling bar sets look complete -- just empty spaces to stash your liquor. I also sold a couple of these last year online in the $30 range plus shipping.


  5. I price my rotary phones around $25. If they are of unusual color or design I can charge a little more.

    I love to buy sewing supplies. I sort out all of the good stuff and sell it seperatly. Like small bags of wooden spools, or small bags of tools, etc.. I leave the odds and ends in the box.

    Some good stuff there, Jamie.

  6. I'm fairly certain that those bar sets are complete and just missing the bottles.? They are such neat items that they are sure to sell

  7. Great finds! And y'all are right, the open spaces in the portable bar kits are room for liquor. I've contemplating buying them at estate sales but I've never seen one as nice as the ones you found--and I would price them at least $35 each because the condition is so good.

  8. thanks everyone! so happy to hear that the sets are complete!


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