Monday, February 4, 2013

Saturday Finds Part 2!

These are all finds from last Saturday when I hit up two amazing estate sales. (Part 1 is here!)


I think this family had a lot of parties - after the two bar sets and the plethora of drink umbrellas I found, they looked like they had fun! Bought a ton of large and small drink umbrellas and then games at the second estate sale - Yahtzee, Scrabble, and Parcheesi plus a really cute bi-plane puzzle!


Old magazines are so fun and I found two House Beautifuls and two Beatles covers!


This red bag was one of the very first things that caught my eye at the first estate sale. I am contemplating keeping it - I love it! I mentioned the family must like to have fun - I also found this great Vegas/casino set. You can play a bunch of different casino games on it!

At the second sale, I found twin sheets still in the package! Perfect for a vintage-loving mom who's decorating her hip son's room! Also grabbed a Bobbsey Twins book and a Lassie book plus a Highlights magazine from 1955.


This green metal basket was a treasure trove of vintage packaging! I totally thought of Eartha Kitsch when I found it! It's full of vintage hair products (including perm supplies!) and shoe shining items. I haven't dug through it a ton yet, but I'm excited to research the different brands and products.


I just added a ton of jewelry to my booth, so I was happy to find two jewelry boxes to hold it all in!


Vintage sparklers still in the box! So cool! And I can't pass up such pretty stationery in a box! I also got some pretty drawer liner and this adorable deer!

Lucy loved the deer too:


Whew! That was almost everything I found over the weekend but I left some different little books and paper out. I bought a french grammar workbook and a "camp songs" book and things like that.

I won't be adding it all to my booth right away - it feels a little crammed right now, so I'll be slowly adding items. If you're in town and curious about a specific item and when it's going in there, just let me know!

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  1. There's that green basket. LOVE that thing!

  2. so many fun items! sheets still in the package? how cool! I love all the games, played them all over the years. :)
    oh my gosh....look at that lucy! Louie says "glad she's smelling someone else's behind for a change" hahahah that little deer is precious!

  3. Oh...ho...ho! Those products! Please let me know if those hit your booth - as well as the green basket. You found some great stuff. Those Sparklers are awesome. I have that exact same drawer liner and it smells like roses!

  4. Great stuff and such a funny picture of your dog! Ooh, you found a Bobbsey twins book- those are my kryptonite. I have a large collection and I have a super-hard time resisting buying more.

  5. I love the vintage packaging on the simplest things...the drink umbrellas and the sparklers.

  6. Yea, Lucy loved the deer, the tail is probably made of rabbit fur.

    You found a lot of fun stuff

  7. thanks everyone! mom, too funny about louie! :)

    i had no idea it would be rabbit fur - interesting! she kept smelling EVERYTHING but was definitely most interested in the deer.

    isn't the packaging great? it's so fun to find original packaging!

    i think this was the first time i found a bobbsey twin book! i'm not super familiar with them!


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