Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dress Week: Favorite ModCloth Dresses

Browsing ModCloth is a really, really fun way to pass time! I scoped out some of my favorite ModCloth dresses and organized them below. Check them out! (If you're reading in Google Reader, you will need to click through to see them.)

(I'm trying a new affiliate program, so if you click through and buy something, I might make a small percentage back. Just wanted to let you know!)

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  1. Easter is almost here! I love the dresses posts from yesterday and today. The one in the bottom right corner I have, except in a kelly green. Next time I buy something from there, you're darned tootin' I'll do it by clicking through your site! :)

  2. Cute dresses! I very often wish that Modcloth went up to my size/height range. My budget would be in trouble!


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