Monday, March 25, 2013

Dress Week: Top 20 Vintage Dresses Under $20

Growing up, THE EASTER DRESS was a really big deal for most girls, so the week leading up to Easter, we're celebrating dresses! Each day, I'll be here with some favorite dresses and even an eShakti review - all coming up this week - capped with a vintage family photo Friday of Easters' past!

First up: my top 20 dresses under $20 on Etsy!

1. Colorful Floral Summer Play Dress

2. Vintage 80s Adorable Grunge Mini Rose Dress

3. Floral Button-Down Shirt-Dress

4. Vintage Floral Hippie Mod Dress

5. Vintage 60s Sleeveless Ivory Lace Tunic

6. Orange Shift Dress MOD Knit Vintage Dress with Belt

7. Vintage 60s Yellow Textured Sleeveless Mod Mini Dress

8. Bubblegum Girl Pink & Purple Dress Mod

9. vintage 1960s mod shift yellow polka dot dress

10. Vintage 80s cute baby doll DOLLY square print mini dress S

11. vintage 1980s blue and white dress

12. cute geometric pattern 60s retro pink

13. vintage 1980s lady carol of NY petites striped dress

14. Vintage Fun 60's/70's Neon Housecoat/House dress

15. 1960's green/gold poly knit sleeveless maxidress

16. Vintage 70's Deep V Bohemian WIld Flower Paisley Print Belted Slip Dress

17. Vintage 70s mod hot pink pleated short DRESS

18. Vintage 80s Slouchy Boho Floral Dress

19. 1970's Pink and Grey Floral Cotton Day dress With Pink Piping

20. Floral Zipper Dress

Chcek them out and stay tuned for more dresses this week!

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  1. Oh dear. You've got me liking two or three of these!!!!

  2. Ooooh, I love little vintage dresses! Thanks for sharing:)

    What Lola Wants

  3. I love that last dress, want it!

  4. Its really refreshing to find etsy sellers who aren't complete price gougers!!

  5. I had that fabric in some sort (#2) I just can't remember what... but it's very familiar.

  6. Thank you for including my slouchy blue 80s dress!! :) By the way, I really like your blog!


  7. #6 is my favorite. I love a good shift dress!


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