Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dress Week: Vintage Family Photos - Easter!

I'm posting the vintage family photos a day early this week - shaking things up! I haven't been home in daylight to be able to take photos of my eShakti dress, so I'll have to do that Friday on my day off. SOOO, the moment we've been waiting for: cheesy childhood photos! :)

Look at this cheese!


dec 86 may 87  232

dec 86 may 87  233

May 85-June86284

May 85-June86288
Action shot!! 

May 85-June86282
All my loot! 


Hope you have a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate it!!

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  1. Love looking at these old pictures... you're so cute! :)
    The yard has changed so much. Some trees are HUGE now, others are gone... those tulips still try to live -- they're peeking up from the ground again this spring. :)

  2. so cute! I remember always insisting on having a hat and gloves for easter. They seemed essential.

  3. love your little easter hats! my mom used to pick out easter hats for me, until i was old enough to complain!

  4. You were ADORABLE! You had some really great catalog poses going on too. Were you a child model?

  5. Awww how cute ! Happy Easter to you guys Elaine


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