Friday, March 22, 2013

Imagine a World Without Hate

I have to share this immediately. We just saw this commercial on TV and it made me sob uncontrollably. It is so, so powerful. The video is embedded below--if you're reading in a Reader, you might have to click through to see it.

Imagine a World Without Hate:

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  1. It all starts at home. I'm so proud to say I raised my children right....and they are raising theirs right. No doubt your Mom raised you the same way. If only everyone else would.....

  2. I loved this! Thanks for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes, too.

  3. Whoowhee...they hit that one out of the park. They had me crying at Daniel Pearl. If only...

  4. It doesn't just start in the home. Hate is highly encouraged by country leaders around the world. Our own leaders/media right here in America promote the seperation of races. It's sick.

    I ain't into it. Like I told my children, you will miss out on a lot of good friends if you choose relationships based on color or sexual orientation.


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