Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pura Vida Vintage


Earlier this year when I ventured out to Clarksville and bought everything I could, I met a girl named Krystle who said she was opening a vintage shop in Nashville. On Music Row. I worked 4 years on music row, so I was curious where. She asked, "Do you know where Discmakers is?" My heart stopped for a second because my old office was ABOVE Discmakers. What if she was moving her new store into the old HearItFirst office?!?

In fact, she wasn't, but in a small building out back behind the office.

Check this out:


Crazy, huh? If I still worked there, I could hang out with her on my lunch hour every day!

I'm really excited for Krystle and that she has her own little space to sell now! Although she has some housewares, she focuses mostly on clothes and accessories from the 50s-90s.

Isn't this gorgeous?


I loved her collections of sunglasses, scarves, and purses!



So, what did I buy??

This adorable glasses case! Why did I buy a glasses case?? You'll see tomorrow!!

eyeglass case

Check out Pura Vida Vintage sometime soon! You can follow her on Facebook here!

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  1. How funny that it was RIGHT by your old workplace!!!! Cute shop!

  2. Small world! Thanks for telling me about her! I have to go check it out....

  3. Oooooo, she has some nice stuff in there! I adore that red and blue mod scarf.

  4. how fun is that! cute shop! I wish Krystle all the best!

  5. Thank you Jamie!! You absolutely rock! I have an Etsy store as well, if I may shamelessly plug, lol. Just go to for all the details :)

  6. hey! i totally worked IN that building she is in now when I used to intern and then free lance for american songwriter!

  7. I feel so left out. I don't even know where Clarksville is. :-)

  8. You should seriously hang out with her even though you're working somewhere else. :) The room (and the decors, fashion pieces, etc.) looks absolutely gorgeous.


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