Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thrift Report: You Can Find Me In The Bins Edition

Just a tiny little thrift report today! I dropped off some donations to Goodwill so I took the opportunity to run inside the outlet and go through the bins as a bit of stress-relief.


I was super curious what was in this box--and most times when you find a cool box in the bins, it's either empty or contains something totally different than what is listed outside. But since I had no idea what an "Advanced Decoding Kit" was, I was pleasantly surprised to find flashcards!


They have words on one side and illustrations + words on the other. Not sure what is so "decoding" about that, but I do love a good flashcard!


And then, of course, I never pass up a travel/shoulder bag like this. And it's a Samsonite! Awesome. I have 3 blue ones in my booth right now - they haven't been selling lately, so I suppose this one will go into storage. I sell this type for $32 if anyone is interested in buying it - send me an email and we'll figure out how much shipping would cost!

Speaking of the bins, did you see my favorite people Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performing on SNL Saturday? Here's their "Thrift Shop" performance--edited for TV!

If you want to see how amazing and deep they are, watch the music video for "Wings" below. Amazing and challenging.

So powerful. I love that they have such a voice in pop culture right now and as long as people get past "Thrift Shop" to hear their other songs, I think their music can do a LOT of good in the world. I love them.

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  1. Oh holy cow...that song "Wings" is going to have me thinking all day. Dude...Great song.

  2. Love the bag. I have some of my own and turned one into a camera case for my35 mm and its lenses. I covered foam with a coordinating fabric to match. I got the idea on pinterest. Now when I go to my kids events, I don't have a camera bag, purse and a tote for a book, iPod and journal. Maybe you could suggest this to get people thinking and buying! Also, thanks for exposing us to Mackemore and Ryan Lewis a few weeks ago. I felt "hip and with it" in my 50+ years when I saw them on SNL!

  3. Oh my word. I do the exact same thing when I donate. Drop stuff off then walk straight in a buy more stuff. We found some vintage Russian Language flashcards recently. Cool stuff!



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