Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Did I miss the trend? Over-dyed rugs!

I like to decorate our house, but I'm definitely not up on the latest trends...and I still have a LOT to learn.

For instance, I had never heard of over-dyed rugs. (I should probably re-subscribe to Apartment Therapy to stay up to date on these things!)

Jenny from Little Green Notebook posted about a rug
she recently bought and linked to an over-dyed rug she was considering buying. I thought it was so beautiful and interesting.

Then Nicole from Making It Lovely did a pink rug round-up and I spied a beautiful pink over-dyed rug. 

image source

I headed to to check out their selection of over-dyed rugs and I was majorly impressed. I always crave color in the springtime, so maybe it's just my spring fever kicking in, but LOOK at these... GORGEOUS!

The best part about is that they're constantly running sales and they offer free shipping! I bought our living room rug from there and I love it! I wish we had room in our house for tons of rugs but unfortunately we don't! I wish I could squeeze one of these over-dyed rugs in!!

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  1. Oh dear. You just educated me and now I want one! Oh dear. I love these!

  2. I LOVE A STATEMENT RUG! Its hard to make your furniture take a backseat...but its worth it

  3. i really love those! i need a rug in my living room badly,but i can never pick one. they are so expensive and i have a hard time figuring out what will look good in my space, vs something i just think is cute.

  4. Those are neat.

    You could buy one as a spare and switch out the rugs from time to time


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