Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fun: Vintage Family Photos + Dream House

april 84- sept 84  076

My mom scanned all the photos from my childhood several years ago and these were included. They went to look at a dream house in '84 but didn't get it. Here it is!

april 84- sept 84  080

april 84- sept 84  083

april 84- sept 84  078

april 84- sept 84  084

april 84- sept 84  079

april 84- sept 84  077
Looks a little rough, but it WAS built in 1899!

april 84- sept 84  082

april 84- sept 84  081

According to Google Maps, this is what the house looks like now! It really IS a dream house!!


It's beautiful! Looks like it's been lovingly restored... I love the white paint!

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  1. That house is still there, alright, BUT instead of the huge amount of acres of land, there are neighbors everywhere. It's been parted out and a huge subdivision built there.... how foolish we were NOT to buy that house.

  2. What a beautiful house! I know that your folks were bummed when they didn't get it. I bet it's interesting to think that you might have grown up there.


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