Monday, April 15, 2013

Thrift Report: Just a Little Bit!

Thanks everyone for your comments on my Restor-A-Finish post! I am excited to try some of your tips!

I went out to the Family Tree sale on Saturday and was surprised to find a line before it opened! I'm not used to lines on half-price days but the house was still full of great stuff and everyone was looking for a deal!

I picked up a handful of things...


I like this bag of coasters- I'm going to split them up into sets - I hope there are multiples. I'm going to enlist Andy to help me figure out which ones should go together if there aren't multiples.

Aaaand of course, more drink umbrellas. Summer is coming and you'll want to make your fruity beverages look fun, right? :)

And I found these Hanukkah candles and really loved the packaging. I'll hold them for the holiday season!


Picked up two games... Password and a Miss Piggy card game! Very fun.

Hope you found great stuff, too!! :)

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  1. I tried commenting from my phone with no luck....anyhow, love the goodies. we used to use those candles during Hanukkah when I was a kid. great memories this morning after reading your post! thanks!

  2. My locker purchased drained my thrifting fund, but you found some fun stuff!!!

  3. Obsessed with those hanukah candles. What great finds!


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