Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fun: Vintage Family Photos + Hot Air Balloons

Each Friday, I post vintage family photos from my childhood. My mom usually chimes in with more details in the comments, so be sure to check those. :)

Once, hot air balloons landed on our street. It was magical!

oct 81- nov 82  317

oct 81- nov 82  318

oct 81- nov 82  319

This is the view standing in the street, in front of the house my dad grew up in. You can see him there, videotaping the balloon invasion!
oct 81- nov 82  320

oct 81- nov 82  321

Isn't that so cool? There's something just so mystifying about hot air balloons, I think!

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  1. That had to have been so magical!

  2. I remember the day so well! :) it's that time of year again (derby festival) in the last 37 years, I've only seen them come this way one time. Maybe they'll come back someday. btw... jamie was just a wee one, with me pushing her in the stroller down the street. so long ago!

  3. Just LOOKING at these pics makes me giddy!!!!!!! I love it!


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