Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fun: Vintage Family Photos + Play house

Growing up, I had a really awesome playhouse that I think was repurposed from a shed (before we knew "repurposed" was a word). It had dutch doors, a window, a porch, and cute homemade furniture inside.

May 85-June86 012

May 85-June86 015

May 85-June86298

May 85-June86301
Even back then I liked to clean!

oct 84 -may 85  250

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  1. We had an awesome back yard... tons of stuff over the years. :)

    My fondest memory of the playhouse is the puppet show we did for your birthday....The front porch became the stage. It was H.O.T. in the cardboard box that was the backdrop. hehehe

  2. Just came acros your blog, I love it! I am now following you on bloglovin.


  3. Look at cute little you! It's so funny because you look like you - but just miniature. : )

    That's a pretty rad playhouse too. I had a playhouse that was built into the side of an old shed and it was dark and creepy. I quickly decided that I would rent it to my Grandfather to store his yard sale junk in. I got $3.00 a month for years and though that I was getting rich! If I'd had a playhouse with that sweet window and door like yours, I probably would have voted to actually play in mine. : )


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