Thursday, April 25, 2013


See what I did there? Ha!


So, this is my thredUp update. If you remember, thredUp is an online consignment store. You order a bag to fill, fill it with clothes, then send it back free of charge. They process your bag and you make money! Read my first post about it here!

I'm pretty pleased with how much I made. At first, though, I was livid. I'll explain!

I was getting a little impatient because the process takes awhile and I logged into my account. I saw that I made $7.20. SEVEN DOLLARS! I was so disappointed and mad. Some days later, I received an email from thredUp saying that my bag had been processed. I visited my account prepared to see $7.20 as my balance but was VERY pleasantly surprised to see $60!

In my impatience, I visited the website too early. They weren't done processing my bag and the $7.20 was what I received for a pair of jeans. Moral of the story: don't be impatient!!

I made another $60 on my second bag. Not too bad for clothes that were just cluttering up our attic!

If you want to join, click here to earn $10 off your first order! The deposit for thredUp clean out bags is currently waived, so you can get a bag to fill for free! I ordered a third to have on hand as I continue to clean out the attic! We have an Ikea trip planned (it's a hike from Nashville!) and I'm going to re-do my attic office. Exciting!

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  1. Not too shabby!!!!! That's better than my consignment store payout!

  2. I REALLY want to try this! I'm glad you ended up making a decent haul and it wasn't really the paltry $7.20, I woulda been ticked, too!!


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