Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Restor-A-Finish Fail?


I had started noticing Restor-A-Finish in stores and read good things about it on blogs so I figured it would be worth checking out. Our coffee table has some spots and scratches I wanted to take care of, so I bought the Dark Walnut finish and cut up an old t-shirt to use as a rag.


So...I used it...and it didn't do anything. Womp womp.


Spots and scratches are still there. I rubbed and rubbed it on, but nothing. Disappointing!

Have you used Restor-A-Finish? Did it work for you? Do you have tips for me? Let me know!!

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  1. I think that the Mister uses this stuff. I'll ask him if about it!

  2. so sorry it didn't work.
    this is a test comment.... my first comment as a non google user.

  3. Huge disappointment! And you ripped up a shirt for it, too. :(

    I once used a similar product on a Heywood Wakefield table. It was a multi-step process that started with a gritty cream that was basically an exfoliant. I felt like I was giving the table a facial! It turned out well, but that product is no longer on the market. Bummer.

    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

  4. I have never used Restore-a-finish, but I love that your dog photobombed the picture. Such a cutie!

  5. I have mixed luck with it honestly... Some pieces it will really help and others you can't tell at all. Not sure, but its performance may depend on the type of stain used on the wood originally.

  6. Bummer! I freakin hate it when you get so excited about something and it just doesn't pan out the way you had hoped.

  7. I wasn't impressed.

    I have a process that I use that works. I clean up my item using a citrus cleaner and fine steel wool. Rinse it off with clean water. Then go over it with an oilbased poly. You can use a tinted poly if you want. This process is excellent when trying to bring old cabinets to life.

    Beats stripping. But if something is too far gone you don't have much of a choice.

  8. I usually have GREAT luck with Restore-A-Finish - sorry it didn't work for you! Is there a coat of polyurethane or something on the table? It works best on furniture that does not have a sealant on it. You could try Danish Oil and a very very very fine steel wool.

  9. Jamie - We love & use it all the time! I do think it will help with your project. The trick is to rub the Restore-a-finish on with 0000 Steel Wool, and wipe off with a rag. Don't be scared of the steel wool, it's very fine & won't damage the wood. I really think this will do the trick on your spots or splashes. You can start with the legs to get confident about the steel wool - as long as you go 0000 grade, you're good to go! Good luck!



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