Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Thrift Report: Early April Finds

Made it out to a few sales this weekend! Found some fun things. I'm trying to buy outside of my main style-zone, but I'm having trouble!


I love finding these little danish-style s&p shakers! They never last long in my booth - I wonder if I'm way underpricing them? Should probably google them...hmmm.... :)

I love these fabric napkins! They coordinate well with our dining room curtains and the table runner I keep on the table, so I'm keeping them!

This needlepoint jewelry box isn't my normal style, but the price was right and it was kinda cute, so I got it. Raggedy Ann!!!! I love her. And a tiny little horse toy.


I am a sucker for vintage sewing books! And I absolutely love buying books that are totally sexist in our 2013 context which is why I couldn't pass up the very pink "Standard Handbook for Secretaries" and a questionably sexist "How You Look And Dress" book.

I also really like books that are for "today" - Psychology For Life Today - you just know that so much it says is tooootally out of date. And then a fun treasury of Sherlock Holmes.


Christmas! Ya gotta shop year-round if you want a stocked booth for Christmas! Some ornaments, a ceramic Santa boot, another tree!!!, a cute stuffed wreath, and some sheet music that is mostly Christmas-y.

Not too bad for two quick sales!

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  1. I NEVER find ceramic trees, but you seem to have very good luck with those!!!!

  2. LOVE those salt and pepper shakers. I have the same issue with buying outside my style zone, but it's good to exercise that muscle. Great finds!

  3. GOOD FINDS. I love tiny Raggedy Andy and "How You Look and Dress" (I secretly hoard these [admittedly sexist] home ec texts to see how to be the ideal 60's housewife...they're like MANUALS). And it's never too early to start looking for xmas! I saw a whole corner of santa themed things at an estate sale last weekend and thought, "It'll be here before you know it!"

  4. I missed out on a ceramic tree this week. Thinking maybe I need to get my butt out of bed earlier.


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