Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Fun: Vintage Family Photos - My Baby Nursery

Next Wednesday is my birthday, so I thought it'd be fun to take a look at my nursery from when I was a baby!
oct 81- nov 82  274

That's me!

oct 81- nov 82  271

I am not sure what this is!! Baby toys used to be kinda scary, am I right??

oct 81- nov 82  270

I am definitely right. Giant teddy bear with some GIANT EYES. But check out that Dumbo lamp! I bet someone made that for me in ceramics! :)


Sweet little crib.


Close up...I definitely remember that blanket from my childhood!


One more bear shot. :)

Maybe my mom will comment with some more details!! :)

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  1. My mom left this comment but I accidentally deleted it when trying to approve it on my phone!! Woops! She wrote:

    whoa! what a test of my memory. The lamp? It's in the blue room closet I believe. :) I can't remember who made it???? maybe mammaw or aunt claire. The bear? it was a gift to me from grandpa ragland. The shelf was a macrame shelf made by me. The clown? I don't remember, but it was scary for sure! lol
    I made the blanket out of a fabric panel. And that sweet picture of you? You were one week old. Dad was gone to Missy's Aunt Sandy's wedding, and I played dress-up and photo shoot with you all day taking pictures of you in every outfit. You're sitting in your car seat draped with one of the many blankets I got at the shower. I suppose I wore you out.
    oh, and the box with the ribbons on it was a box that Ray's (dad's friend) wife put together, and it held all the bows from the baby shower. I had it up until this last time I cleaned out the basement.
    I can't believe you're going to be 31, no wonder I can't remember ALL the details! lol

  2. Yes indeedy, toys were terrifying!! I'll be 31 in a week so we're of the same era...what is up with the scary toys? Did they do no product testing with actual children?? Ha ha!


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