Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Only Jim Croce Playlist You Need

I decided to turn my birthday week into Jim Croce week on the blog. I hope hope hope that you're familiar with his music, but if you're not, get ready!!!

I created this Jim Croce playlist on Spotfiy - there have been so many Greatest Hits albums released that a lot of songs repeat across albums. I loaded this playlist with one of each song that was available on Spotify - and some of them are ones that never made it to a Greatest Hits so I actually wasn't familiar with them!

Listen by clicking below (or the link above!)

Spotify is a free app that lets you stream almost any music. It's wonderful!

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  1. LOVE Spotify, LOVE Jim Croce! Looking forward to more Croce posts and happy early birthday, lady!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am also a huge fan of Jim Croce, and it makes me so happy that younger people (I'm 52) are so into his music!


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