Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fun: Vintage Family Photos + The Skating Rink

Let's go to the skating rink!!! Today, I'm posting pictures of what was probably one of my very first trips to the skating rink! I look terrified! Read on!

april 84- sept 84  228

Standing... chilling... not too bad...

april 84- sept 84  230

Oh boy! Better hang on!!! :)

april 84- sept 84  232

This is kinda fun, yeah??
april 84- sept 84  229

Oh.. maybe not... better hang on!
april 84- sept 84  227

Taking it easy in my little jeans! So cute.

april 84- sept 84  233

So much hanging on!! I'm surprised there aren't photos of m falling with how much hanging on I'm doing.. or maybe I didn't fall since I was hanging on so much! :)

april 84- sept 84  224

Whatchoo lookin at??

Oh man, I loved the skating rink growing up. We went all the time in elementary school! I got some good practice as a little youngster, according to these photos!

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  1. That takes me hanging on the walls and falling a lot! Cute pictures!

  2. What a flashback! You in your tiny little jeans and skates. i don't think that I've been to a skating rink since around the time that your photos were taken. I'd probably be hanging on to everything too!

  3. how cute! i always hated the skating rink. i just kept to the carpet because it was hard to fall that way.

  4. Skate your tiny little heart out! SUCH cute pictures! I loved the Rivergate Skate Center when I was a kid, but I tried to go back a couple years ago and it was.....not that same, to say the least. I just thrifted a pair of 1970's women's SIZE 11 roller skates this weekend (?!?!), so I might have to give it another go sometime soon!


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