Monday, May 13, 2013

Thrift Report: Mother's Day Edition

My mom and I met in Bowling Green on Saturday for a little bit of thrifting fun. We didn't have much luck, but I found a few cute things. I don't know why, but I have been SO obsessed with figurines, salt & pepper shakers, and planters. They don't do very well in my booth so I have been trying to curb my obsession, but I just can't!


Here's my Bowling Green (KY) secret: My favorite place to shop is the antique mall at Flea Land. Since it was Saturday, the outside sheds of the flea market were also packed with vendors. Most of the dealers have junk, but I stumbled upon a really cute antique booth with tons of salt and pepper shakers.


When I spoke with the booth owners, I immediately recognized them from the Nashville Flea Market. They were set up in the same building that I was in in February when I tried my hand at the flea market. The husband was very kind to me and Tosha and gave us some tips about our tables - he wisely suggested moving our them forward (we had them up against the wall). He was right--- and we were so thankful for his help!

I was happy to return a kindness and buy from them. It was a HUGE sacrifice to bring home these deer and dolphin salt and pepper shakers! :)


This little bear is really tiny and really cute. I couldn't pass him up!


I love any excuse to buy plants and this yellow diamond, scallopy planter was calling my name! Soooo cute.


I picked up a $3 plant at Home Depot that I had never seen before. The leaves are green but the veins are pink! It's called Fittonia. Anyone familiar with it?

Hope you found great things this weekend too!

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  1. You scored in the cute department for sure! That planter is so unique, I've never seen one that shape before.
    I put that same kind of plant in a terrarium for my Mom last year. It is weird. Sometimes it looks awesome and other times I swear it's dead but it comes back.

  2. I love that planter and the flower is perfect for it. And wow, that little bear! He needs a wee little picket fence to be peeking over with something interesting on the other side.

  3. the pictures of all your finds look great! That bear looks gynormous! lol

    it was a fun time!
    glad I found some items at great prices!

  4. I love Flea Land! And that planter is adorable.

  5. Cute things Gah!


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