Friday, May 31, 2013

"Thyme" In A Bottle by Ingrid Croce

Wrapping up Jim Croce week, we're going to talk just a little about Thyme In A Bottle. You may have heard of Croce's restaurant in San Diego, but did you know that Ingrid Croce released a book of stories and recipes from her life and restaurant?

I came across the book on eBay for $30 or $40. I consulted my favorite place to buy books,, and found it for $3.98. It's a former library book, but I don't mind!

It came last night and I only had time to read the first few pages. I love her philosophy on cooking (have fun with it) and her writing seems like it's going to be a really inviting read. She seems very warm and approachable in this book.
There's no need for pretense here. Food is about fun. It must be approachable, embraceable, capturing your heart and your spirit too. So make mistakes and learn from them. I do!
I make a lot of mistakes but she reassures us that we have our whole lives to practice!

I can't wait to dig in and maybe plan a Croce dinner party! If I actually do, you can bet I'll take notes and blog about it. :)

If you'd like a good deal on a pre-owned Thyme In A Bottle, check it out for $4.94 on!

(BetterWorldBooks is a GREAT site I've been using for years to buy used books. They are generally under $5 and the profits go to literacy programs across the world and shipping is free. You can pay a few cents to carbon offset your shipping, too! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!)

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