Monday, June 3, 2013

The Thrift Report: Whoa! I bought a lot for myself!

We have a new Thrift Report! I haven't had one in several weeks - I have been trying not to buy anything since my booth wasn't doing well in April and May. (I cleared $5 for both months combined. Yikes!)

However, I'm a scrounger at heart and so I ventured out to a Family Tree Estate Sale and some thrift stores and antique malls with my parents over the weekend. Here's what I found! (I'm even keeping some of it!)


I am always drawn to vintage photos but had never found a great deal on them before. I picked up this pile from an estate sale off West End Avenue and I love them! They will be headed to my booth once I figure out how best to sell/organize them.


I bought all of these vintage postcard sets together - they were all packaged up. Many of them are from places we went on our honeymoon, so I'm saving out a Chattanooga and Atlanta set to keep!


Cute little ceramic bunnies that will hopefully look better once I clean them up! I'll add them to the booth next spring for Easter. The little notecards are bookplates that feature three owls. I bought them for a friend who is a professor (and has tons of books), loves owls, and is moving away soon. :(

I will keep some of the vintage greeting cards to add to my greeting card stash. I haven't tucked away any vintage cards yet, so I'm excited about those! And, a children's book that explains the opera Aida. The Broadway musical is very dear to my heart, so I wanted to get this to save!


Oil pastels were pretty much my favorite medium when I was in elementary school art classes and when I found this vintage set, I had to have them! I am not certain if I'll keep them or sell them, but looking at the beautiful colors makes me happy!

I am always on the hunt for cheap and functional planters, so I picked this one up for $3.50 at Grandma's Attic in Bowling Green, KY. It's not vintage, but I like the color!

And I got this cake taker without knowing if I'd keep it or not. I needed one on Friday and didn't have one, then found this on Saturday and I really like it. However, we have NO storage in our kitchen so I'm wary of buying something I won't need very often. Buuuut, we'll see. :)


Man, I bought a lot for myself it seems! I also got this sewing box for myself. My thread and bobbin situation is out of control, so I picked this up to try to get better organized.

And finally...


Sooo, I saw this big set of china at Grandma's Attic. It wasn't complete by any means (no dinner plates) but a platter, tons of bowls, small plates, and lots of teacups and saucers. Some pieces had price stickers and others didn't. Some pieces said "$25" and some had both a "$25" and a "$7.50" sticker on them. I asked and the woman said "Oh, it's 750." I clarified, "Seven dollars and fifty cents for ALL of it?" and she said "Yup. Been here since January, it's time for it to go."


So yeah, the last thing we need is more dishes but I love them a lot and the price is unbeatable. I think I got over 20 pieces for $7.50!! Amazing!

I don't normally buy this much for myself! Kinda crazy. Hope you guys found great stuff, too!!

(Oh P.S. I also bought the foam board that I took my photos on at an estate sale. I'm trying to improve my photos - this was the first step toward that! I am considering re-opening my Etsy shop since the booth is doing so poorly!)

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  1. I noticed the photos seemed to be taken in a light box, and I was wondering how you took them. They look great! Foam board (cheap) best way to do it! :)
    love all the goodies, it was such fun hanging out with you. I have linked to your post from my post.

  2. YAYAAAAAA!!! I love thrift reports (esp when you declare that you're gonna keep some goodies). FUN!

    I hope our booths pick up this summer! It's very discouraging. But it feel better that it's everywhere........and not me missing the boat or something.

  3. The pics on foam board look fabulous!! ...and what a steal on those dishes!!

    PS - My booth TOTALLY cleared like 5 bucks some months too -- chin UP girl!

  4. I love the postcards! I have some from Colorado that I envision using for a great big art project, but I don't know if that will ever happen. I have the same thread box but in mustard. And I couldn't have resisted the dishes either!
    It's a bummer your booth is being difficult. Hopefully the summer will change things around.

  5. I'm loving each and every score, especially your artfully displayed group of photos. :D I always hold back on those because of the daunting task of documenting each one, but this makes me want to change my mind.

  6. I love the look of the cake holder, but I know how you feel about not a lot of storage. It's a hard choice when they look so good!

  7. Love all your stuff, I love old the old photo's. I picked up a hand full this weekend but had to scale down to only four after the guy told me the price! New Follower, found you at ATG.

  8. I have the matching sewing box - in the olive green colour like yours! I used it when I first learned how to sew and I have added it to my other vintage sewing stuff I have inherited/collected ;)
    Like those postcards too and the vintage greeting cards, sweet!

  9. I have the matching sewing box - in the olive green colour like yours! I used it when I first learned how to sew and I have added it to my other vintage sewing stuff I have inherited/collected ;)
    Like those postcards too and the vintage greeting cards, sweet!

  10. Glad I'm not to only one who eyeballs cake carriers! I think they are so elegant and classy but would I use it on the frequent? Probably not.
    If it makes you feel any better, my etsy shop has been brutally slow for the past couple months. I think it's just that time of year. I know for myself that I'm actually doing a lot of cleaning out instead of buying.
    ALSO, if you were serious about the hand lettered tattoo art so am I! If you want to email your thoughts on it ( I would LOVE to create it for you :)

  11. Love all yours finds! What a score on the dishes..and I'm super jealous of that bobbin box!

    My Etsy shop was painfully slow in May, too -- not sure what's going on. Hopefully things will pick up for all of us in June! :)



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