Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Favorite Finds at the TN Antique Mall

Yesterday I mentioned there's a new booth at the TN Antique Mall. (I received an email from the booth-owner, Channy- I'm so glad to be connected now!)

Here are a few things I found and loved! (But didn't buy...yet!)

Of course I love crewel work and she has a few really cute pieces!

And does anyone know anything about the tree + animals wall hanging?


Very cute striped plates and napkins! Stacked on top of a picnic basket - great staging!

I zoomed around the rest of the mall to take photos of other favorite finds... I have been coveting this oil painting for quite awhile:


I could fill our walls with portraits...but I don't think Andy loves them as much as I do!

These chairs are sitting in a booth catty-corner to mine. LOVE THEM! Brown leather tufted MCM chairs? Yes, please!


It's fun to window-shop! The mall is full of fun things but these were definitely some of my favorites this weekend. Come shop if you're in middle TN!

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  1. Those chairs are awesome! Maybe you and the new booth owner could team up in some glorious way. I'm not sure how, but you never know. : )

    1. I'm eager to meet her, for sure! She has great taste! :)

  2. I love the chairs and that tree. I NEED THAT TREE! Thanks for sharing about your booth neighbors, I need to drop by the TN Antique Mall stat to see what's buzzin! :)

    1. i will fight you for it!! :) jk! hope you get up there soon!!

  3. Oh my gosh the tree!! I JUST bought the same one at an antique store up here in Washington state about a month ago for about $7. However, someone had painted it a cool solid metalic-y color and I just loved it and had to have it. BUT seeing it's original colors I love it more even maybe! I'm wondering if there's a way I could strip off the top layer of metalic paint without ruining it... probably not. Either way, love it on my wall at home!

    1. that's a great price!! i bet it looks really cool painted in a metallic solid color! i wonder if you could paint over it and use this photo as a sort of guide to restore it? if you wanted to, of course! that's so fun that you have it!


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