Monday, June 24, 2013

Thrift Reports: Flea Market & TN Antique Mall

Andy & I hit the flea market for a couple hours Saturday afternoon with our friends Bryan and Anna. It was HOT! It was almost too hot to really look at anything, you know? Like when you just kinda look around but can't really focus on anything? That's how I was feeling all afternoon!

We were on our way out when we spotted some booths outside that had some really fun industrial items. Bryan and Anna were on the lookout for something they could turn into a plantstand and they found a really cool old wire basket. I scoped out the rest of the booth and spied a table full of things that were actually priced! Hallelujah!

I picked up this tiered platter:


Cute, huh?

I also got these blocks that are below- they are pretty random! Anyone know what they're from?


Check out the green sewing box above! It matches the thread case that I found a couple weeks ago! Yesterday, I was organizing my thread in my new case and sorta wished, "I'd love to find the matching sewing box." And then I did!

I actually bought it at the TN Antique Mall (where my booth is). I hardly ever actually shop there, but there's a brand new booth in the mall that is GREAT. She and I have very similar taste and I'm really impressed with this new booth!


Tomorrow I will post my favorite items from this new booth (Booth #5) and a few other things I love at the TN Antique Mall!

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  1. Yay for finding the matching piece!!!!!!!

  2. omg--- can't believe you found the sewing box! I know you did a happy dance when you spied that!


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