Monday, June 17, 2013

Make Your Morning Amazing - Watch These Disneyland Videos!

I've only been to Disneyworld and in my experiences, guests are able to meet characters by standing in line to get a photo and an autograph. From what I have gathered by digging around on YouTube, it seems as though since Disneyland is smaller, the characters are more accessible and easier to have fun with.

If you want to smile for the rest of the day, check out some of these amazing videos of kids (and kids-at-heart!) meeting their favorite characters. I am especially impressed with the young men who play Peter Pan! They are so engaging and so fun!

Peter Pan sends a message to Ariel - but he doesn't know how to write, so he has to dictate it. "OK, Ariel, this is Peter Pan." Adorable.

In this video, some Peter Pan fans track him down and then he takes them on an adventure that includes startling Mary Poppins:

There are soooo many fun videos of Peter Pan - you can see them on the sidebar of youtube when watching these!

I honestly don't know much about Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland - they are two Disney movies that I'm not super familiar with. BUT, I have watched so many of these videos now that I want to go back and re-watch their movies!

I actually laughed out loud at the following video. Skip ahead a little bit to the part where Alice and the Mad Hatter are knocking on the door of a candy shop and trying to blame it on a little girl. Hilarious.

The Mad Hatter is so cute. He and Alice are so great together! Make sure you make it to 4:47 (or skip ahead). This little girl and their reactions to her are HILARIOUS.

Let me know if you find any other really fun Disneyland videos - I am loving these!

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