Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A wedding and wedding flowers!

Saturday, I had the great honor of day-of-coordinating my friend Emily's wedding. Emily designed our invitations, RSVP cards, and programs and they were AMAZING. (She is an award-winning graphic designer and I'm always so impressed with her creativity.) When she did our design, we agreed to barter and I promised to someday coordinate her wedding. She met a very special guy 6 months later and the rest is history! (Very, very happy history! I have happy-cried so many times over their love story and wedding!)

image source: Beth Mathews (@bethmathews)

The ceremony itself was perfect (with a healthy dose of humor thanks to the tractor that zoomed by, fertilizing the field right behind the ceremony site) and so prayerful. They used the Book of Common Prayer for a lot of the ceremony so it was very beautiful. Spencer is a composer and even arranged the music for the string trio to play before, during, and after the ceremony. (These are some talented people, in case you haven't noticed!)

Every detail was so beautiful - her tables had reclaimed wood stretched down the center with candles, vintage cameras, and incredible flower arrangements (by Amanda Jerkins) placed in Emily's collection of vintage bottles and jars.

Since I was the last Nashville girl left at the end of the night after clean-up, I got to bring home some flowers. WOO!


This is one of the bridesmaid bouquets that I placed in one of Emily's vintage carafes to bring home. So beautiful!

I played around with some of the loose flowers I brought home and could only find an old pickle jar to put them in!


Amanda and Emily picked out gorgeous flowers! I love them.

I really enjoy playing around with flowers, but I wish I knew what I was doing for real. It was one of my goals to learn how to arrange flowers by 30 but I still haven't taken a class. I need to!

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  1. congrats to Emily & Spencer, soooo happy for them!
    Sweet picture of the bride and groom, and lovely flowers!
    I think you did a great job of placing the flowers in the pickle jar. :)

  2. Congrats to your friends! I like how the flowers look so wild, like they were just picked from a wild flower field. I bet those center pieces were amazing!

  3. the lady who lived across the street from us as a kid did arrangements for weddings, and after she did them she would let me come over and make arrangements from all the leftover stuff. it was so fun! i wish i knew how to REALLY do it too!


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