Monday, June 10, 2013

The Thrift Report: Hendersonville Estate Sales Edition

I made it back to ceramics Saturday morning (stay tuned tomorrow to see my finished Clauses!) and squeezed in an estate sale before and two after our time at Barbara's. The selection was not fantastic but the prices were! I managed to stock up on some really fun things for my booth!


Check out this yellow lamp! At first, I thought it was a work lamp but when I got it home and was cleaning it up, I discovered that it's a SUN lamp! It has instructions on the bottom for how long you should expose yourself to it based on your skin type. The dial on the front sets the time that the bulb stays on. Fascinating! It came with a bulb but photographed so much cooler without it. :)

I found this little Imperial camera at the same sale. I loved the font and design!

This owl wall bracket features a swiveled arm with a hook - perfect for hanging a plant!

And then check out these adorable, never-worn baby shoes!!


Another camera - this one a Kodak instamatic! And then I found 3 of the Harlequin Eden prints. Fun!


I am trying to find some "back to school" type things to make an end-of-summer vignette in my booth. Couldn't resist this fabric and these old crayons! Crayola packaging is still deceptively retro, but this pack doesn't have a UPC, so I know it's truly vintage. I keep finding awesome vintage stationery but it never sells in my booth. If I re-open my Etsy shop, it will probably be mostly stationery and cool paper.

This jam jar was filled with metal letters and numbers. They might make pretty cool craft supplies for someone!

But the winner of my Saturday excursion...the cutest thing I've found in awhile...what I put in my booth but secretly hope doesn't sell....

I mean, can you even handle the cuteness???? Yellow corduroy overalls!!! ADORABLE.

When we have a kid, he/she will not understand what decade they're growing up in... and I'm totally ok with that. :)

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  1. You did goooooodddd! Lots of fun finds. I especially love that owl bracket!

  2. I can't wait to see how Mr. and Mrs. Claus turned out!
    The owl bracket is fabulous, I bet it doesn't last long in your booth.
    And the overalls, holy crap on a cracker those are cute!

  3. Good finds! I love that owl wall bracket - it looks cute and would be great for plants. The handwriting fabric and vintage crayons are adorable! I love that kind of stuff.

  4. fun stuff! yep, the overalls are too cute!
    love the cameras too!

  5. You really scored on lots of cute littles, love 'em all!


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