Friday, July 26, 2013

New Fawns Paint By Number

Be still my heart! Vanessa from Thrift Core was having a sale a few weeks ago and just happened to be selling the most adorable pair of paint-by-number fawns. I fell in love with them and happily, I had a $25 etsy gift card (a Christmas gift from my mom) I hadn't redeemed yet. Woohoo!

So, they came and they are wonderful! (I am in a MAJOR fawn phase right now!)

I am working on my office (in our little finished attic) and Andy mounted a tv/monitor at my desk (I've gotten used to doing my day/real job with an extra monitor, so it's nice to have if I work at home) and I'm planning to do a gallery wall around the monitor...these will be the stars of the gallery wall. :)

Vanessa has such great stuff - be sure to shop her store!

And, I love the personal touches she includes! She drew this cartoon on my package:

Owl and fawn friends!!! So cute!

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  1. Those are too cute!!!!!!!!! I've never seen a fawn p-b-n!!!

  2. awww, those are so sweet! LOVE the little drawing... you should frame it! ;)

  3. Van always has such good stuff. Those are so cute and totally deserve center stage! I'm a huge fan of paint by numbers and once I get my rear in gear, I'll have one set up in my basement family room.
    My husband does the multiple monitor thing too. Though I think 5 is a little excessive...


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