Monday, July 22, 2013

Thrift Report: I'm Still Here Edition

I inadvertently took a couple weeks off, woops! Good thing this isn't my fulltime gig. :)

Here are some things I've found taken on a cloudy day and horribly photoshopped once again!


I have been wanting to find old Bingo cards for a really long time and I finally did! I packaged them up in sets of 5 and put them in the booth. I also love old stationery and greeting cards, so I grabbed these Holly Hobby-esque cards. And of course vintage cameras always do really well. I probably should have researched this souvenir TN license plate - I put $9 on it and it sold as soon as I put it in my booth. Hmm...

I've been holding onto this yellow lamp for a long time and I have no idea why. I got it at the same time that I got our nightstands and I never intended to keep it, but it's been hanging out in our guestroom for MONTHS and now it's finally in the booth.

Lincoln Logs, a map from the 60s explaining what's going on in Vietnam (with really bright colors!), and oil pastels. (I love oil pastels!) A 1955 Rand McNally atlas, a million Tennessee maps, and some poker chips, cute owls, and Rook. (Rook was a gift for Andy and it's in mint condition!)


Ooh, Christmas. I'm keeping the gnome ornament because how could I not? I love gnomes a LOT and he is perfect. Some Christmas cards and an angel music box - she looks like a Christmas tree topper but her base is a music box!

So, nothing crazy exciting, but a lot of nice things for the booth! 

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  1. Fun stuff! I'm glad your booth is doing well!!!

  2. great stuff! happy you've got a great selection to keep the booth full. Those bingo cards and the Holly Hobby-esque cards are too cute!

  3. Everyone needs a few days off now and then, we'll allow it. ; )
    You'll have to tell me how your cool bingo cards do. I have some in the booth and on Etsy and they haven't moved an inch.

  4. Love it all! I was getting ready to tell you to save that license plate for me but Kapow! Sold! : )

  5. Ahhhh bingo cards are swoon worthy - in all my years of op shopping I have never seen them - good score xxx


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