Tuesday, August 6, 2013

$2 Dogwood!

On the side of our house, there was a little man-made pond when I bought the house 7 years ago. It didn't have any fish or anything, and I never really did anything with it. When we were thinking about selling our house, Andy cleaned it up and removed the lining and since then, it's just been sitting there looking like a nice little potential flower bed.

I was at Aldi earlier this summer and saw a Dogwood tree on clearance for $2. TWO DOLLARS for a whole tree. A little tree, but still a whole tree! Of course, it looked awful and dead, which is why it was on clearance. I took a risk on it since it was only $2 and brought it home to attempt to nurse it back to health. It lived on our little porch landing for awhile with a few other plants:

container garden

I wasn't sure it would live, but I watered it faithfully and all of a sudden, I noticed that the leaves were green and it looked really healthy! I finally got around to planting it in the little former-pond-potential-flowerbed area this weekend and I'm so excited to watch it grow and thrive!


Ignore all the weeds. ha! It looks a little droopy but I'm thinking that might be due to initial shock of being planted and I'm hoping that with sun and water, it will perk right back up.

Buying clearance (or yard or estate sale) plants is a lot like buying vintage -- giving something a second chance and giving it a new life. I love saving money, but I love rescuing things (plants, whales, etc) even more!

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  1. your outlook makes me smile... saving the old stuff. :)
    I hope your tree grows wonderfully. I LOVE dogwoods. The pink one in the front yard always makes me smile too.


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