Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Surprise: Jade Plant!


So, when I went to plant the dogwood I posted about yesterday, I discovered a beautiful jade plant growing in the yard! How did that happen?

Well, whenever I had dead houseplants, I dumped the dirt into the potential-flowerbed I mentioned yesterday. After Andy removed the pond liner and some of the ickiness that had been accumulating there, I wanted to fill in the hole left behind. I didn't have any soil on hand, so I just dumped houseplant remains whenever I had them. (Not that I kill lots of houseplants, but I had a group of succulents that I just couldn't keep alive!) 

Fast forward several months, and a jade plant was growing outside!

I threw out a dead plant and it somehow revived itself. Amazing!

I planted it in a green planter and I'm keeping it outside right now since it previously died inside.


I was so giddy when I found it. It was part of a group of succulents I bought around my 30th birthday last year. I passed them out as favors at my party and it's fun to see them alive at friends' houses, but I wasn't able to keep any of my own alive. I'm happy to have this one!

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  1. That was a fun little surprise!!! YAY! Any pointers for an aloe vera plant that I'm killing slowly?

  2. yippeee! Jade plants, because their leaves are very thick, store water. So, over watering could be doom for this kind of plant.

  3. He was still alive and kicking. With succulents and cacti, sometimes they like a little abuse and the outside gave 'em what he wanted. The little masochist! :D


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