Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Add us to the list of Karlstad lovers...

I've been looking for a couch for years. YEARS. I bought a "leather" couch off Craigslist about 6 years ago and then my style totally morphed and it hasn't fit in with my decorating style for quite some time. It was comfortable but not the look that I was going for. I started saving all my antique booth money toward a couch. I saved for two years because it took that long to make a decision!

My wishlist was:
  • Clean, mid-century lines
  • Button tufting
  • Tapered mid-century legs
I kept looking and looking in furniture stores and online for just the right couch. I couldn't find anything that I loved for under $3,000...and that just wasn't happening! I knew I'd have to make some compromises based on what we were willing to spend.

I thought about getting the leather Karlstad couch. It has tufting, but not button-tufting. Both the back and seat were tufted, but I really only wanted tufting on the back. We almost went with it, but I was having serious doubts. I felt like Goldilocks!

Then I saw this image and I fell in love with the idea of a fabric couch.

It was hard to decide on fabric - Lucy sheds pretty badly and I was really nervous about having to constantly vacuum the couch. Each week, I wiped down our "leather" couch with a slightly soapy rag and I knew that a fabric couch would be a totally different cleaning experience. I was nervous about the dog hair on fabric, but we took the plunge anyway.

We got the Karlstad couch from Ikea in Sivik gray and I love it!


I ordered replacement legs on etsy from thirteencolonies. I love them!


I'm so happy that for under $600, we have a really great new couch! It's really comfortable and I am so glad we went with this.

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  1. Nice idea to replace the legs! I would have never thought of that. Looks great!

  2. Wow Jamie it looks really, really good! I love how you changed out the legs, pretty darn smart of you. The gallery wall above the sofa looks awesome as well.

  3. your new couch looks great! I will have to hop over to see what kind of legs were on it. BTW what did you do with the old legs? hmmmm

  4. Nailed it. I echo your first commenter's sentiments and would have never thought to replace the legs. What a difference it makes! Many happy years to you guys and your new couch!! :)

  5. Cute Cute! We have a Karlstad sectional in that same fabric and it has held up so well! You are going to love it. I didn't even think about looking for replacement legs! Ours came with the standard chunky birch legs and I just spray painted them dark metallic brown, but now I want cute mid century legs like yours! :)

  6. It looks great! And good call on the legs.


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