Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fifty Years

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I ran home yesterday to let Lucy out over my lunch hour. On the drive each way, I caught parts of interviews with civil rights leaders and activists in honor of the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington. They were SO moving.

I think those of us who LOVE VINTAGE who didn't live through the 60s over-glamorize the era. We appreciate the art, furniture, clothes, and music but gloss over the really, really, really awful things that happened. It's hard to reconcile that a decade that was brimming with amazing culture was the same one that brought so much turmoil and grief.

The moments you hear about the reality of the 60s are really sobering.

Today though, I loved hearing the activists speak about what it was like to be on the mall 50 years later and to see the progress that has been made. We still have so much more growing to do, but my heart was hopeful. I pray that I live to see the 100 year anniversary and see the progress and growth of our country.

I only heard a few interviews and I dug them up on WBUR to share. Check them out below:

I only heard those yesterday - I haven't had a chance to listen to the President's speech yet but I look forward to all the news coverage this morning and seeing what all I missed.
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  1. Thank you, such a good point. I often think of that, too- how I love the fashion and furniture but need to remember that it was not a glamorous time.


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